music is the time machine of our soul


Addictive Noise Records is a Belgian record label with a clear signature:

heavenly vocals, fragile piano, filmic ... blended with a scent of addictive noise.

Like a good chef, we respect pure ingredients, without mixing them up all together.

Addictive Noise Records is the slow cooking version of music. Surrounded by fastfood, we are different by taking the time to develop strong and unique releases.

We don't adapt to the vibe of the day, because we like to let things grow.

But we do have our own vision about the future, and we work every day to make that vision come true.

We believe in the future of music and our role in it:  making sonic medicines to keep you alive,  and make you feel more intense.

Every release should be a  unique jewel on itself, today, and in the future.

Real people can not live without real music.

Music is the time machine of our soul.